Resources for writing online exams

Getting your online exam right is important, from the overall design, to optimizing the LMS settings, to making sure you’ve ‘ticked all the boxes’. Here we have collated a few resources to help in this process.

LTLT online exam template

LTLT has developed an online exam template which you can import into your LMS. To get an idea of what it looks like, have a look at this screengrab. If you would like to use the template, you are advised to book a consultation with an Ed Designer (scroll down to online consultations) to ensure that it is tailored correctly to your needs.

LTLT has also provided a set of online exam tips.

Moodle guides

Moodle has its own resources on setting up quizzes:

Please note that La Trobe uses version 3.5 of Moodle.

External guides

Dell Horey (Academic Coordinator Coursework) and Dan Laurence (LTLT) have suggested some external sites which contain useful advice on setting up online exams:


Feel free to post questions in the comments box (viewable after clicking on the title of this post), and we will do our best to answer them!

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