Celebrating our COVID Innovation & Impact award winners

This year the Provost Teaching Awards included an additional award type – the COVID Innovation and Impact Award. These awards recognise innovative approaches taken by teaching, support and professional staff during the pandemic that led to a demonstrably improved student experience.

Applicants were required to record a 3 minute video demonstrating how their approach or contribution responded to the unique context of the COVID-19 situation.

We received some amazing entries and invite you to watch the videos and congratulate our winners:

WinnersCitation title
Kaye Truscott, Linda Ward, Fung Lay, Jodie Young, and Vy HoangSynchronous face-to-face and remote lab classes using iPads and Zoom
Jacqueline Johnston and Gulzar MalikDevelopment of innovative and sustainable international virtual mobility programs in SNM
Sandra Connor, Jacqueline Johnston, Elly Greenwood, Fergus Campbell, Kenneth Neven and Cindy HoangAn innovative approach to adapting clinical skills assessments to a virtual modality
Sabrina Gupta, Fernanda Nava Buenfil, and Peter HiggsDelivering health education curriculum online in the wake of COVID-19
Linda Ward and Fung LayBuilding a connected online learning community during a pandemic
Bojana Sarkic and Steven ZelkoProvision of an improved environment that engages students’ learning in accessible and inclusive ways
Carolyn BellGreenscreen technology used to develop engaging videos for asynchronous lectures
Nichole Orwin, Suren Reesaul, Shivanand Makhun, Gulzar Malik and Mike HalkhoreeMauritian post registration Bachelor of Nursing students’ experiences with online learning: didactic to Zoom
Renee MackenzieInnovation in digital curriculum adaptation – using kinaesthetic learning principles to promote concept translation and student engagement

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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