How SRES can improve marking efficiency

Find out how Andrew Buldt (Podiatry) and Dilhani Premaratna (Animal, Plant & Soil Sciences) have been improving the quality and efficiency of marking and feedback in their subjects using SRES (Student Relationship Engagement System), which is currently being piloted in the College of SHE.

If you’ve heard of SRES, you’re probably aware that it is very good at personalising communications with students through an elaborate form of mailmerge. But it is also capable of so much more.

In this video Andrew Buldt speaks about how he has used SRES to standardise feedback to students and greatly improve marking efficiency in his very large common first year health subject, HLT1RAE.

In this second video Dilhani Premaratna describes how SRES has saved her nearly three days of work in collating and calculating students’ peer evaluations of each other in group work in her Animal Science case studies subject.

The University is currently considering whether to adopt SRES at the institutional level. A decision is expected in the near future.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.

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