Education Services events for November

PD events for November, presented by Ed Services, include how to demonstrate impact for promotions, awards and HEA Fellowship applications, how to go about internal moderation, an EdTech showcase of key innovations, as well as Introduction to Teaching at La Trobe sessions.

Education Services – November events

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Collecting and analysing evidence for demonstration of impact | Monday, 15 Nov – 11am to 12pm

This workshop will examine how evidence of your impact on the learning experience of your students can be collected and used in promotion, award and HEA fellowship applications. You will have the opportunity to examine various sources of evidence and the way in which they can be analysed and presented to demonstrate the impact of your teaching or learning support to best effect. You will also have the opportunity to share your own experience and learn from your peers about using impactful evidence.

Introduction to Teaching at La Trobe (Part 1) | Wednesday, 17 Nov – 11am to 1pm

This session is designed for staff who are new to a teaching or learning support role at La Trobe University. It will introduce you to key concepts, strategies, policies and procedures that underpin learning and teaching here. You will learn about the nature of our diverse student cohort and how this diversity shapes our approaches to learning and teaching.

Internal moderation | Thursday, 18 Nov – 11am to 12pm

This workshop will explore internal moderation in the context of La Trobe University practice. Drawing on the literature, we will discuss the main purposes for internal moderation, the general process followed at La Trobe University, and identify a range of strategies to help you satisfy requirements while getting the most out of the process.  You will have the opportunity to share approaches and lessons learnt with your peers and to be supported to validate and expand your knowledge of effective moderation practice.

Introduction to Teaching at La Trobe (Part 2) | Monday, 22 Nov – 2pm to 4pm

This session is optional but highly recommended for new teaching or learning support staff who are involved in assessment and provision of feedback. University students are focused on assessment, and assessment is a key driver for learning. Assessment both measures learning and informs future learning. This module will introduce you to some of the fundamental principles of assessment, including the importance of aligning assessment with the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of a subject and course. It focuses on how assessment and feedback can foster learning and enable your students to meet the goals of their course of study.

EdTech Innovations Showcase | Thursday, 25 Nov – 1pm to 2pm

There is a hidden wealth of features in our Moodle LMS that enable a range of innovative teaching and learning experiences. This showcase takes you on a tour of the latest updates to Moodle and how you might use them to create great learning experiences. In this session we will demonstrate:

  • The Mass Actions Block – for easier design
  • DORIS embed filter – for easier videos
  • Broken link checker & accessibility
  • Stack plug-in – for calculated maths questions

See also how the new ‘Teambuilder’ & group assignment configuration updates makes a range of new affordances possible for group work and team-based assessment.

Please see this month’s PD calendar, for your convenience.

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