A different take on the subject intro video

With semester 2 teaching officially getting underway last week, subject coordinators are using various media to engage their students. This is a short video from Dr Linda Ward and Dr Fung Lay for their MED3LAB subject where they share some things about themselves, beyond their teaching roles. This has inspired some fun conversations and interactions with the students (who are sharing their hobbies and pictures of their pets) in the LMS ‘Meet & Greet’ forum. A great way of connecting more in the online learning landscape.

Many thanks to Linda Ward and Fung Lay (Biochemistry & Genetics) for this contribution!

AR/VR/360Video Community of Practice meeting, 4 July 2019

The presentations from the AR/VR/360Video CoP are now all available online. Below you can see Kevin Yap’s (Public Health) presentation on teaching Pharmacy using a 3D computer game, and below that links to talks by Jeff Yeoman (Biochemistry) on an immersive protein tour, and Henry Duh (Computer Science & IT) on student capstone projects as an opportunity for creating your AR/VR resources. Finally the video of Aaron McDonald’s and Heath McGowan’s (Anatomy) interactive workshop can be found in the previous post.

Two more videos are available at the following links:

Jeff Yeoman: A virtual protein tour

Henry Duh: AR/VR capstone projects

360 video

A number of staff members in the School of Life Sciences have been trying out their new 360 video camera. Have a look at this snippet from a test video that Kim Plummer prepared with Rick Edwards and Michael Cincotta from the Wildlife Sanctuary, to get an idea of the kind of thing that can be done:

For the 360 experience, drag the mouse across the screen, or play on a mobile device using the YouTube app. Use headphones for the best experience of 360 sound. If the video appears pixelated and low-res, click on the YouTube icon, and/or try again at a different time or where the wifi is better.

Making Readings Social

book.hands copy

Do you struggle to engage students with readings and lecture notes? Would you like to transform your lecture slides or key text into a social space where students can interact, ask and answer questions, make group notes, vote and discuss concepts?

View this La Trobe webinar (45 mins) with Dan Laurence & Mark Derbyshire to explore new ways to enable you to socially engage your students in texts – using the tool Perusall.

Perusall can be seen in action on its LMS support page here: Perusall LMS Support Page.


Make more engaging videos using the lightboard

Have a look at what some of our intrepid SHE academics have been doing with the lightboard:

The lightboard is in HS3 211, and can be booked using Book La Trobe – look under SHE T&L Resources. The first time you use the studio you’ll need to send your staff ID and card access number to C.Bridge@latrobe.edu.au or B.Thompson@latrobe.edu.au to get access. Check out the how-to video below.

Solutions are currently being investigated for the regional campuses as well.