Scholarship of Learning & Teaching

The Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT) Community of Practice 

SoLT Community of Practice (CoP) meetings are held roughly every 6 weeks and are open to academics with all levels of experience in SoLT publishing.

A ‘guest of honour’ with considerable experience in SoLT publishing is invited to each meeting to share their experience and offer advice. There is also time allocated for people to share their SoLT project ideas and receive feedback from the group.

If you would like to join the CoP, please email Belinda Thompson (

Write your journal article in 12 weeks

The objective of this program is for you to have a journal paper ready for submission at the end of the 12 weeks.  During that time, you will receive individual assistance and feedback on your drafts from our facilitator, as well as participate in peer review with other participants.

Dates for 2021 are being confirmed. If you would like to take part in the program or would like further information, please email Belinda Thompson (

SoLT Resources

In 2020 we ran a SoLT Publishing Cycle series of workshops covering everything from getting started in educational research, survey design, quantitative analysis. Many of these workshops were recorded and are posted here, together with the advice given by our guests of honour at the CoP meetings.

Getting started in educational research – workshop delivered by Debbi Weaver, Education Services. Slides from workshop.

Designing your SoLT survey – workshop delivered by Helen Enright, Education Services. Slides from workshop.

Applying for Ethics – workshop delivered by Rebecca Clark, Human Ethics Advisor. Slides from workshop

SoLT data collection and quantitative analysis – workshop delivered by Heath McGowan, Lecturer in Anatomy. Slides from workshop.

SoLT data collection and qualitative analysis using NVivo – workshop delivered by Chris Bridge, Senior Advisor, Learning & Teaching

SoLT CoP meeting 2 with Fiona Bird

SoLT CoP meeting 3 with Birgit Loch

SoLT CoP meeting 4 with Jason Lodge, editor of AJET and Student Success

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