Building a culture of innovation at La Trobe

Congratulations to Birgit Loch and her team for winning the best concise paper award at ASCILITE earlier this week for their paper ‘Building a culture of innovation in learning and teaching technologies through an innovators group’, outlining the achievements of the SHE Innovators Group.

The power of gamification in teaching cybersecurity

In 2020 Jabed Chowdhury was awarded a small L&T grant from the College of SHE.  His project, Capture the Flag, uses gamification to teach cybersecurity students to find security holes (flags) in a vulnerable machine. The student/team with the highest number of flags wins.

Room and Zoom: hybrid teaching in Pharmacy

Jason Buccheri and Richard Summers gave a presentation at a recent Innovators meeting on how they have been facilitating Pharmacy classes for students who are either physically present or attending via Zoom. They outline what it took to achieve some hard-won successes in interaction and engagement.


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A thesis-marking workflow for Engineering projects

Matt Felicetti (Engineering) describes how he has created an entire thesis marking workflow using SRES, including thesis submission, blind marking by two reviewers, moderation by the supervisor, provision of feedback to students, and resubmission. SRES is currently being piloted in the College of SHE.

Mobile LMS access via the Moodle app

Did you know since the start of 2021 the LMS has been accessible via a mobile phone app? With more and more students using their mobile phones as study devices, the app is a timely development. Victor Renolds (Ed Services) talks us through the main features of the Moodle (LMS) app.

Increasing engagement using simulation software

Andrew McDonald describes how he has been using a Physics simulation software package purchased with a College Learning & Teaching grant to increase student engagement in online lectures and in groupwork, and even replicate lab experiments in lockdown.


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